$139.95 USD
Flame-X: Warmth and Style Combined

Flame-X by Zeus XI is not just a tabletop fireplace; it's an aesthetic masterpiece that transforms your living space into a cozy, welcoming environment. This product's sleek design and alluring flames add an unrivaled level of sophistication to any room.

Bring the Outside In

Who says fireplaces are just for the outdoors? With Flame-X, you can bring the inviting glow of a fire into your home without the hassle or mess of a traditional fireplace. Enjoy the mesmerizing flicker of the flame from your dining table, coffee table, or even your bedroom.

Portable and Easy to Use

Our tabletop fireplace is lightweight and portable, allowing you to move it from room to room or even bring it outdoors for a touch of warmth on your patio or deck. Its user-friendly design makes setup a breeze—simply add bio-ethanol fuel, and you're ready to enjoy a relaxing, smoke-free fire.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Safety is our priority. Flame-X is designed with protective glass shields and a sturdy base for stability, ensuring a safe experience while you enjoy the view. And with bio-ethanol fuel, this tabletop fireplace emits no harmful toxins into the environment, making it a clean and eco-friendly choice for your home.

Experience Flame-X

Invite warmth, charm, and a touch of luxury into your living space with Flame-X, the elegant tabletop fireplace from Zeus XI. Join countless satisfied customers and transform your home or outdoor area into a cozy retreat.

  1. 70%, 91%, or Greater Isopropyl Alcohol Tabletop Fireplace: Adopt smokeless, odorless, clean-burning Isopropyl Alcohol (not included) as fuel; this ventless fireplace features environmentally friendly, which is a perfect replacement for traditional wood log burning.
  2. Performance: 130 ml Isopropyl Alcohol can support approximately 1 hour of burning with a beautiful flame.
  3. Stylish Design: With a modern metal base design and a 360° view of the dancing flames behind a removable and high-temperature resistant protective glass screen, this tabletop is also an excellent gift for your friends or families who like interior design.
  4. Easy and Safe: No electricity, gas, or chimney is needed. It is entirely ventless and easy to install and use. The sturdy & durable & solid base and clear glass screen design enable you can enjoy the beautiful flame without worrying about being hurt.
  5. Real Flame: Enjoy the ambiance of a real fire, no melting wax, smoke, soot, and ash. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use; you can place it on your dinner, party, or coffee table.
  6. Romantic Atmosphere: Small fireplace can be used as a candle to add a romantic atmosphere, but not as hot as a large fireplace and can be used as a small hand warmer.
  7. Alcohol Fire Pit Clean and Smoke-Free: This tabletop fireplace uses alcohol as fuel and does not produce pollution or smoke when used indoors. The glass windshield allows the fireplace to be used safely outdoors in windy environments.
  8. Heat: Easily produces 2,000 BTUs to warm a room of 250 sq. ft. with a dancing flame of 8-12 inches in height. No more need to store and log wood, own a firewood rack, or waste time on lighting and cleaning up ashes. Does not require any venting at all. You may also mix 85 percent ethanol fireplace fuel and 15 percent citronella oil to act as a bug, mosquito, and insect repellent (All fuel must be burned out prior to using indoors).
Product Details
  • Color: Black, White
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Glass
  • Measurements: 6.5in x 6.5in x 11.5in
— Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use
Mess-Free, No Ventilation Or Cleanup Needed
— Fueled by 70%, 91%, or Greater Isopropyl Alcohol (Fuel NOT Included)
— Easy To Light & Extinguish
— Burner's Flame: Approximately 45-60 minutes
— Heat: 2,000 BTUs to warm a room of 250 sq. ft.
— Weight: 2 lb

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