Phuzzle II

$79.95 USD

Introducing Phuzzle II, Zeus XI's collection of 3D Metal Puzzles designed for those with a passion for creativity and a penchant for challenge. Each puzzle allows you to build a miniature version of a famous landmark, right from your own home.

Diverse Range of Designs

Choose from a diverse range of designs, including the historic Saint Basil's Cathedral, the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris, the grand St. Peter's Basilica, the iconic Trevi Fountain, and many more. This is more than a hobby; it's a journey through the wonders of the world.

Educational and Engaging

These puzzles are not just for fun; they are an educational tool, a testament to architectural marvels, and a symbol of human ingenuity. They provide an engaging way to improve cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and focus.

Artistic Display

With their intricate details and metallic sheen, these puzzles make an exquisite decorative piece once completed, perfect for display at your home or office.

Join the Community

Join the community of builders and collectors and experience the joy of bringing a piece of architectural history to life with your own hands.

Architect in You

Bring out the architect in you with Zeus XI's Phuzzle II.

  1. Release your work stress and enjoy hours of fun with family and friends while building 3D metal puzzles, which will also encourage your hands-on skills and logical thinking.
  2. Family Time: Thrill the entire family and provide fun and entertainment, piecing this DIY metal puzzle model kit together. Building this 3-D Puzzle model can be worth it for the family to complete together. Believe us, this is an unforgettable family time, and it will inspire and promote your child's ability to plan and build a structure like a real architect or engineer.
  3. Boost Concentration: It also contributes to developing logical thinking, enhancing attention and concentration, and improving attention to detail skills. Building the 3d puzzles makes it easier for you to concentrate.
  4. Exquisite Home Decoration: The metal craft kit is both functional and exciting, and beautifully designed! Great Gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Christmas Day, Father's Day, and Back to School Day. A unique metal handicraft piece on your desks, bookshelves, or nightstand.
  5. Detailed Instruction: Our 3D metal models are made of superior stainless steel, and all metal parts would be easily clipped, with no glue or solder needed during assembly. Also, the educational toy comes with very detailed instructions. Follow the steps shown in the instructions, and you will build the metal art craft set correctly.
  6. DIY Tool Kits Required: Assembling tools are recommended. Parts can be easily cut off the sheets. Clipper and needle-nose pliers are recommended for bending and twisting the connecting tabs.
    Product Details
    • Material: 430 Stainless Steel
    • Measurements: 17.3cm x 11.3cm x 6.9cm
    — Tools Include: Tweezers and Scissors
    — Dust cover
    — LED
    — Weight: 114g

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