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Meet Sealx: The Revolution in Food Preservation

Uncover the secret to long-lasting freshness with Sealx, our revolutionary Mini Bag Sealer. Say goodbye to stale food and hello to enhanced freshness. With Sealx, Zeus XI brings you a quick, efficient, and portable way to seal your food bags.

Why Choose Sealx?
The Power of Precision Sealing

Sealx’s design enables a tight seal on your food bags, effectively locking in freshness and flavor. It’s the perfect solution for those who love to meal prep or need a reliable way to store leftovers.

Compact and Portable

Sealx’s sleek, compact design makes it perfect for home and on-the-go use. Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply at home, Sealx delivers the power of freshness right into your hands.

User-Friendly & Safe

Designed with you in mind, Sealx prioritizes ease-of-use and safety. Its intuitive design allows anyone to use it, while the built-in safety features protect you and your family.

Sustainable Solution

By using Sealx, you're not just keeping your food fresh - you're reducing food waste and making a positive environmental impact. Be part of the solution with Zeus XI.

Invest in Quality with Zeus XI

Zeus XI's Sealx outclasses the competition with its commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. It's more than just a product; it's a promise of superior quality and unmatched service.

  1. Humanized Body Design: New large-size push-thread knob, exquisite and compact hand-held non-slip body, set three gears and battery indicator, suitable for plastic bags of different thicknesses.
  2. Upgraded Heating Element: The upgraded double-layer core heating element is adopted, which can be used without preheating and booting. At the same time, the double-layer heating element can be sealed once, equivalent to using an ordinary packaging machine twice.
  3. Moistureproof Mildew, Super Seal: Store in a sealed container to keep the ingredients fresh and not smelly
  4. Shift Knob Let Open and Seal Bags Easy Toggle: New damping is widening knob sliding pressure more easily.
  5. Super Small Ultra-Portable Fuselage: Sliding sealing, fresh food at any time travel, picnic, snacks Fresh moistureproof, Allows you to eat fresh food even when you go out.
  6. Two Hours Charging, 5 Months Battery Life: In the case of skilled use of the sealing machine once a day, the average surface oil-free bag with a sealing thickness of 0.14mm can be used for five months.
  7. Magnetic suction and a lanyard on the back make your storage more convenient.
Product Details
  • Color: Green, Blue, White
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Silica Gel, Nickel-Chromium, Ceramic Double Wire Heating
  • Measurements: 120mm x 40mm x 50mm
— Sealing Bag Width: Double Heating Wire, Width of About 3MM
— Rated Input: DC5V-1A
— Switch Type: Long Press Small Key + Knob Double Safety
— Battery Capacity: 1300 mAh
— Certification: ROHS/CE

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