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Extend the Life of Your Wipers with Wiperp

Tired of constantly buying new wiper blades? Zeus XI's Wiperp Wiper Blade Cutter Trimmer is your solution.

Prolong Wiper Lifespan

Wiperp is designed to renew your wiper blades, extending their lifespan and saving you from frequent replacement costs.

Enhance Road Safety

Ensure a clear windshield even during heavy rainfall. Wiperp helps in delivering excellent wiper performance for safer driving.

Environmentally Friendly

By prolonging the life of your wiper blades, Wiperp contributes to waste reduction and environmental conservation.

Easy to Use

Wiperp's intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use. Give your wiper blades a new lease on life in just a few simple steps.

Opt for Wiperp and enjoy clear, uninterrupted visibility on the road.

  1. Core Function New Experience: Pursue a quality life; it doesn't have to be expensive.
  2. 30 Seconds Restore As New: No need to replace wiper blades, repair wiper wear/stain problems. 
  3. Repair by Grinding Continue To Use The Old Wiper: Extend the service life of the wiper and make the wiper brand new.
  4. Smooth and Even Clean With One Brush: Clear vision on rainy days.
  5. Double Sanding Strip Grinding Evenly: Thick and thin are two processes, repair for different situations.
  6. Alloy Material Durable & Sturdy: Good texture, strong and durable metal material.
  7. Extend The Lifetime 3 Times Longer: A wipe still works after grinding. 
  8. Suitable For All Cars: As long as the wiper can fit into the card slot.
  9. Rounded Corners Easy to Hold: Convenient to hold firmly.
  10. Small and Portable: Comes with a lanyard for easy storage.
Product Details
  • Color: Tarnish, Silver
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Measurements: 38mm x 13mm x 65mm
— Use: All kinds of Car Wipers
— Double Sanding Strip
— Weight: 48g
*Data comes from the KUULAA lab and varies depending on the environment.

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