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Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000: Exclusive Miami Luxury Jet Charter by Zeus XI

Unmatched Luxury and Performance

Experience the pinnacle of luxury travel with the Falcon 2000, exclusively available for Zeus XI members. This private jet offers unparalleled performance, making it the perfect choice for both business and leisure trips in and around Miami.

Spacious and Sophisticated Cabin

The Falcon 2000 boasts an elegantly designed cabin that ensures your comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the jet's plush seating, ample legroom, and advanced noise reduction technology, providing a serene environment for work or leisure.

Incredible Range and Efficiency

This high-performance jet offers impressive range and efficiency, making it ideal for long-haul trips. Charter a private jet from Miami to the Bahamas, New York, or other destinations with the Falcon 2000 for a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Exceptional Zeus XI Service and Amenities

As a Zeus XI member, you'll have access to our exclusive private jet services, including VIP Jet Charter, Private Jet Catering, and Private Jet Management. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with an outstanding experience, catering to your every need during your travels.

Reserve Your Falcon 2000 Rental Today

Discover the difference of a luxury private jet charter in Miami with the Falcon 2000. Take advantage of our private jet charter deals, specials, and last-minute offers for an unmatched travel experience. Book now and experience the unparalleled service and luxury that only Zeus XI can provide.






Baggage Capacity

134 cubic feet


880 km/h


3,200 miles

Interior Width

7.7 feet wide

Interior Height

6.2 feet tall

Falcon 2000 - ZEUS XI - Private Jet
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